Magnetic System with Vibroisolating Uncoupler. System allows to mount camera on any type of metallic surfaces and is primarily used for mounting cameras on vehicles. Vibroisolating platform enables smooth capturing.

Total magnetic force
Number of magnets in the system
Max testing speed

Structural and performance features

System is extremely easy-to-use. Package installation requires minimum amount of time. No need for time-consuming preparation or assembling.

  • Metal frame

    Full metal system design, except for plastic and composite components for increased security.
  • Security

    8 powerful magnets are used in the system for increased security of mounting. Total magnetic force reaches 472 kg (1040 lb).
  • Full compatibility

    System is compatible with any average-sized 3-axis stabilizers for DSLR cameras, such as DJI RONIN M or Movi M5. System features 1/4 and 3/8 inch standard support threads for equipment mounting.
  • Smooth capturing

    Vibroisolating platform damps vibrations that can affect camera performance and provides for effective 3-axis stabilizer operation by smoothing acceleration.
  • Safety

    Each magnet is equipped with rubber base to avoid mounting surface damage and prevent sliding or shifting.
  • Simplicity and each of use

    System does not require time-consuming assemblage and mounting. Magnetic stand height is adjusted separately for the purposes of mounting on curved surface of trunk or car roof.

Магниты имеют чрезвычайно сильное магнитное поле! Magnets have extremely powerful magnetic field. Please be careful and keep magnets away from following items: electricity meter, water counter, gas counter and other types of counters; harddrives; magnetic carriers; cardiostimulants.

Extremely powerful magnets

Neodymium magnets have extremely strong magnetic force. Those of you, who have never encountered these magnets, can hardly imagine how powerful they are. Neodymium magnets classes can range from N30 to N52. Magnets that would be stronger than N52 magnet do not exist in the nature. We have our system equipped with N48 magnets.

Smooth capturing

Vibroisolating platform enables the smoothest capturing, while using 3-axis electronic stabilizers, and reduces amount of loads on lifting bar motors, thus improving its performance.