KVS Crane 230

Middle-sized camera crane. Optimal length of the jib arm makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor filmmaking.

7.5 ft.
Overall length of the crane (rig: 5.2 ft. [160 cm]; counterweight: 2.3 ft. [70 cm])
10.5 lb.
Overall weight of the whole piece (without weights)
up to 11 lb.
Nominal load carrying capacity of the camera crane
320 $

Specific features

Design and operational features of KVS Crane 230

  • Optimum size

    We have chosen the best length for the purpose of comfortable indoor and outdoor filmmaking. Rig: 5.2 ft. (160 cm); Counterweight: 2.3 ft. (70 cm); Overall length: 7.5 ft. (230 cm). Weight without balance weights: 10.5 lb. (4.8 kg).

  • Quick and easy setup

    You can assemble and disassemble it within
    a couple of minutes by yourself.
    Weights plates, available in any sport shop, are used as counterweights.

  • Compact

    Ultimately compact after setup. Maximum overall length is 3.2 ft. (1 m) allowing easy transportation.

  • Compatible with majority of tripods

    Mounted on any type of tripod as a tripod head, tripod head moves from tripod to crane. Tripod mount (3/8″ thread)
    1/4 adapter is included.

  • Smooth moves

    10 ball bearings provide
    perfectly smooth moves!

  • High precision

    Crane features vertical and horizontal limiting devices to ensure high precision linear moves. Crane position can be
    fixed on one or both axes.

15 lb. (7 kg) counterweight is needed when using heavy video head, e.g. Manfrotto 701H and 5Dmk3 camera + Canon 16-35L lens. If necessary the crane can be mounted on any surface using 3/8 inches bolt (added to package upon request).