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  • Crane — is essential tool in videographer toolbox. But when the time comes to buy one, your jaw starts to drop every time you see the price. I’ve gone through a lot of manufacturer’s web sites and shops: prices start from 30 000 rubles and go further up for the most simple and essential things. These guys have developed a model with technical features similar to the most hyped foreign models. Crane is well designed, operates smoothly, setting up takes literally 5 minutes. If coupled with a tall tripod provides really wide angles. Price-quality ratio is the best that I know of. In general, RECOMMENDED to everyone. Many thanks, guys!
    Maxim Tatarinov
  • Many thank to whole KVS team! Got my stabilizer in Chelyabinsk four days following the payment. Got clear and quick answers regarding setup. Hope to please locals with eye candy shot capturing. Definitely recommended.
    Arseny Rublev
  • Hey, look at what is offered to us on the stabilizer market. Look at their testings. It’s obvious that Movi, DJI Ronin and KVS are those who worth your attention! I was attracted by KVS testing videos. I’ve looked through similar devices, some sellers play tricks on you, they slow down the footage a little and use it as testing video—as a result, poor stabilizing performance is leveled down. KVS plays fair. When stabilizer arrived it lived up to all of my expectation! People around me were impressed as well, and asked about borrowing it from me. I’m very happy with my stabilizer. It allows me to relax and just follow my camera. You can enjoy vivid cinema-like video which doesn’t need to be spoiled by software stabilizers. KVS can replace my camera crane, rails and tripod. Stabilization performance does not depend on the type of shoes you wear! My friend uses Movi m10 for super expensive projects. Having spent some time with my KVS P5, he praised its performance. The COOLEST feature is that this device is foldable. The design is so rigid that you can use it as camping chair when you go fishing. To be honest, there is one flaw—the sound. Motors are noisy when running… But if you want noiseless stabilizer, be ready to spend from 3 to 7 times more. In conclusion, KVS has the best price-quality ratio on Russian market.
    Alexey Nesterenko
    Leading director of Cosmosfilm studio
  • I use KVS equipment regularly. Last year I bought their crane—very useful device. Earlier this year I bought stabilizer as well. I takes some time to get used to it, but it worth the time—perfect stabilizing performance. First grade product!
    Gleb Voloshin
    Director, videographer
  • Many thanks to KVS team for the great patience while listening to the flood of questions, for efficiency and support, for delivery KVS P54 stabilizer to Yakutia! Their stabilizer is just perfect! Working like a Swiss watch! Looks smart, works sharp! Thank you for your invention! I wish you luck and inspiration for new inventions in the future! To the rest of you: order it, no need to have any second thoughts.
    Artem Mironov
    Videographer, film editor, freelancer
  • So it arrived. To all of you who haven’t bought this miracle: don’t hesitate, don’t try to compare. I’ve spent a lot of time picking at many of them, choosing one over the other (while using it for my work), and I chose KVS. This device will dramatically expand your consciousness. It will help you to reinvent your video image composing skills. And when you try to add some stabilization while editing, you will see that there is no need in that! Quality of capturing is beyond reproach which makes you feel like real filmmaker.
    So, why KVS?
    1. Because of its small weight and durability. Proper design of the frame, strong wiring, reliable enclosure for electronic components.
    2. Foldable design (those who have worked with DJI Ronin know what I mean). Carrying a 20-25 kg monster is not what I would call a day on the beach. This device is compact after folding, easy to fit into the bag together with the rest of the stuff— no sweat.
    3. Quality 32bit main board + perfect motors. Fits perfectly to DSLR and DIL cameras.
    4. Competent and reliable support is a definite advantage in my case. These guys will rapidly respond to all your requests. The device is new on the market, questions from customers keep coming in—customer support is a must. I know several companies from the same market sector (without pointing fingers) that have customer support below any reasonable level—product sold, client forgotten.
    In general, excellent device, delivered to Perm within 4 days. Right after that I’ve ordered KVS Crane 230 and received it in shortest time possible. I’m happy with all of my purchases. Highly recommended.
    Denis Kurochkin
    Inside Production, Company executive