About KVS

Koenigvideostuff — is a team of highly professional engineers and creative individuals obsessed with filmmaking and striving to bring the process of video capturing closer to perfection. We develop professional filmmaking equipment that allows videographers to make perfect footage and fulfill their creative ideas.

The company entered market in 2010 with camera rigs, simple camera cranes, and steadycams of it’s own design. The KVS brand and the Koenigvideostuff Company itself was named after an old city of Königsberg (Kaliningrad nowadays) where the company was founded in 2013. From that time we are in the process of on-going development and improvement of the new-generation equipment.

Basic materials for KVS product are special-property aluminum alloys which undergo high-precision machining and, after going through stages of treatment, painting, assembling and adjustment, take the form of the final product.